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Your wedding should be the most magical day of your life, celebrating love and your cake should be just as perfect! At CakesByLex I want you to fall in love with your wedding cake and take one more task off your hands! But before we get into details I just want to say congratulations on your engagement! I hope you soak in every second and enjoy the little things! A lot goes into planning a wedding so I want you to know that you're never a bother and feel free to message me at any time with any and all questions! No question is stupid! So let's get right to it! Below I will answer  some common questions that you may have and if I don't answer a question you have feel free to press the contact button and we can chat!

Where do I start?

The first thing to decide is if you want to have a cake tasting/consultation or not! If you do, that would be the first thing to schedule! I recommend scheduling your tasting 3-4 months in advance so you have time to plan and also try other bakeries that you are interested in! Click here to learn more information about cake tasting/consultation! And if you decide that you don't want a cake tasting/consultation then feel free to just fill out the contact form and we can place your order right away!

When do I need to have my design picked out?

The design of your cake is the most important part of your cake! so don't rush this step! You'll want to provide your design at the consultation (this is separate from the time of the tasting) The reason you want your design picked out before the consultation is so that I can give you an accurate quote! If I don't know the design then I can only give you a base price!

what should i have ready going into the consultation?

To help the consultation run smoothly you should have the following ready,

-date of your wedding

-time of delivery or pick up

-location of the venue

-what time is the reception?

-how many people are you wanting to feed?

-if you want the cake picked up or delivered the day before your wedding, will the venue have a fridge large enough to hold the cake over night?

-what flavor cake/filling you'd like

-what design you'd like for your cake

-what color cake board? (gold, silver, or white?)

-if you would like florals on your cake will you be providing them or will I need to supply them? If you are providing the florals, will they be at the venue the day of or will they be provided to me prior to your wedding date?

-is there a cake topper that you would like added? If so will you be providing it?

-is your venue indoors or outdoors?

How many sweets should i order for my guests?

cake- 1 slice/serving per guest

cupcakes- 1-2 cupcake per guest

mini cupcakes- 3 cupcakes per guest

cookies- 1-2 cookies per guest

french macarons- 2-3 macarons per guests

For other frequently asked questions click here!

a cake tasting is the perfect opportunity to try different flavor of cake and fillings at home whenever is most convenient for you! You can choose 3 flavors and 3 fillings from the cake flavors list.  It is $20 for a tasting kit and is available for pick up 1 week in advance! Go to the contact/faq page to order your personal tasting kit today!

a cake consultation is a phone call with me (Lex the owner) to chat about all of the details for an event! Consultations are best for weddings or large events to make sure that we are on the same page and that no details or information is missed! This is a 15-30 minute phone call that you can schedule at any time through the contact/faq form! Consultations are $25 for 45 minutes and will be taken out of your final total if you choose CakesByLex for your event!

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Buying a cake tasting or attending a wedding consultation does NOT mean that you have to go through CakesByLex for your wedding/event. I will help you with all the little details and have you set up in the case that you do decide to choose CakesByLex

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