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Picture this...


You sleep in on a Saturday, you have time to enjoy your freshly brewed hot coffee, in no rush you pick out your outfit, finish your hair and make up while listening to Taylor Swift in the background, and cherish the time with your kiddo before the guest arrive; as we all know, they only turn 3 once.


You set up the food and hang the party decorations, even though you asked your hubby to do it 3 times already, but you don't mind because you have extra time on your hands since you hired Cakes By Lex to make your child's jaw dropping cake. You don't even stress about the party favors because you made sure CakesByLex had it covered with the individually wrapped delicious cookies, Aunt Karen can't come after you with "this isn't covid friendly." Nope, not today, because today is the day that you get to celebrate your amazing kiddo!


The guest arrive and the party couldn't be going better, until you bring out the cake... You walk around the corner, cake in hand, to watch your child's eyes light up with pure joy to hear them say, "mom this is the best cake I've ever seen!"


Your friends and family slightly shove one another to get the best picture, all while you get to take in the moment of your child's birthday knowing they are going to remember this for the rest of their lives... 


Now doesn't that sound like the perfect celebration?


Who is the Lex behind CakesByLex? Well that's me! I’m 24 and I live in West Lafayette, Indiana. I love the tv show Parks and Rec and New Girl with a passion! I have an adorable aussie doodle named Bella and she is my baby that's for sure! 


I grew up baking all the time, due to the fact that my grandmother used to own her own bakery! She would let me toss in the flour or help mix the batter while I was there! She would also help my sister and I every summer while we decorated our Styrofoam cakes for the 4-H county fair! I loved it so much and over the 10 years I participated in 4-H I learned so many techniques and skills! My senior year of high school I decided to start testing my skills on real cakes for friends and families! My mom jokingly said "you should call yourself CakesByLex." and that's how it all started...


Fast forward one year and I started selling at my local farmers market and any festival I could fit in my schedule! I got to meet so many of you amazing humans and I learned so many wonderful skills about customer service, time management, how important your community is, and so many more that helped grow my business and create better memories for you and your family!


I love learning new designs and taking on anything my client throws at me! I'm here to make your celebration a gazillion times more memorable! 


I'm also super proud of how far my creativity has come from 2015 and being able to help my customers come up with their dream cake or cookies fills my heart with joy!  

I hope this helped you get to know me a little better and I can't wait to chat with you about your next celebration!


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