Some things to note before filling out the order form!

I am usually booked out on custom orders 3-4 weeks in advanced but always feel free to reach out and I may be able fit you in my schedule! 


Please be sure to know exactly what items you would like to purchase before filling out the order form. If you do not know, feel free to visit the pricing/menu page to look over ALL the items I offer!


If you are interested in a cake please know how many tiers you would like before submitting the contact form! There is a difference between layers and tiers of cake! In a one tier cake (1 cake) there are three layers that are all the same size with filling. In a 2 tier cake (2 cakes on top of each other but different sizes) If you still need more clarification please visit the pricing page to see each cake broken down by price, it also has pictures as examples! 

Once you submit an order form you will receive an email automatically with a questionnaire to fill out! If you do not receive one than your email address was entered incorrectly.

And lastly if you are simply asking a question and not wanting to place an order please email me at cakesbylexbakery@gmail.com

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